International Conference on Metals and Hydrogen

We are pleased to announce that OCAS and Ghent University are joining forces for the fifth edition of the International Conference on Metals and Hydrogen. SteelyHydrogen 2025 provides a unique environment to share and exchange experiences on the link between metals and the various aspects of hydrogen: hydrogen-microstructure interactions, hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen detection, etc.

Since its first edition, the spirit of the conference has been in keeping a balance between fundamental and industrial aspects. Whereas early editions focussed mainly on steel substrates, the scope has been broadened to other metals such as Al, Ni and Ti, with revealing scientific contributions and new applications being addressed.

Given today’s interest in hydrogen as energetic vector, and the maturity of some technologies becoming reality, the SteelyHydrogen forum in 2025 will again pay specific attention to the role of hydrogen in the global energy transition. Particular focus will be on material challenges.

As such, the scientific scope of the conference can be summarised by the following topic categories:

  • Hydrogen embrittlement: effect of hydrogen on mechanical properties

    • Aqueous environment
    • Gas environment
    • HIC & Stress Sulphide Cracking (SSC)
    • Metallurgical influences
    • Mitigation actions (microstructural design, coatings, etc.)
    • Mechanisms
  • Modelling the hydrogen-metal interactions and/or the hydrogen embrittlement from atomic to meso-scale

  • Advanced methods to characterise hydrogen

  • Hydrogen-metal interactions: hydrogen activity, diffusion, trapping, etc.

  • Surfaces and coatings for metallic substrates in hydrogen environment

  • Industrial hydrogen challenges

  • Future material challenges for hydrogen applications

  • Other

Latest news

The call for papers is now open!

Your abstract is expected before September 30th 2024, according to the following guidelines.

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Both UGent and OCAS are looking forward to organising SteelyHydrogen 2025. Do not miss this edition on the role of hydrogen and its interaction with metals on the energy transition.


The programme of the 5th edition of the SteelyHydrogen conference is not yet available. You can browse the programme of 4th edition of the SteelyHydrogen for inspiration.


SteelyHydrogen 2025 welcomes its participants in a unique location in historic Ghent.


  • 30 September 2024

  • 30 November 2024

  • 01 June 2025

  • 11 October 2025

  • Deadline abstract submission

  • Notification of acceptance

  • Full paper submission for oral or poster contribution

  • Conference proceedings available for registered participants

The winners of the best paper and best poster for the 2022 edition were:

Best paper: “The role of carbon distribution in ultra-low carbon steel on the hydrogen trapping characteristics”, Liese Vandewalle 1, Milan J. Konstantinović 2, Tom Depover 1, Kim Verbeken 1, 1.Ghent University, Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering, Sustainable Materials Science, Belgium; 2.SCK CEN: Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, Belgium 

Best poster: “On the relative efficacy of electropermeation and isothermal desorption approaches for measuring hydrogen diffusivity”, Alfredo Zafra 1, Zachary Harris 2, Evzen Korec 1, Emilio Martínez-Pañeda 1; 1. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AZ, UK; 2. Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15261, USA

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